A Healthy & Tasty Destination

2 Aug

Upon my arrival to Dallas, the first dish and salad that I had from a restaurant came from Snappy Salads in NorthPark Center. I had a friend in town and we were shopping at the mall and we both had a taste for a salad……..so what better option!  I was delighted to discover that I could pick my own toppings and dressings for the salad. So I chose Romaine Lettuce, carrots, red & green bell pepper, jalapenos, golden raisins, brown raisins, croutons, grilled chicken, and I mixed raspberry vinaigrette & honey mustard dressings together.


Can I just say, delish!!!!! This salad had a sweet taste with a hint of a spicy flavor (from the jalapenos), I really enjoyed this creation of mine. And the grilled chicken tastes really good; it has an excellent grilled flavor. Just so you know, they also have salad ideas on the menu for those of you who aren’t that creative lol.  And since I live close to one of the locations, this has become one of my go to food spots and not to mention, it’s healthy for you.

FYI: The first time I visited here, the customer service was not all that great. But the last couple of times that I visited the staff has been very friendly.

Price: $$ (kinda expensive for salad)

Snappy Salads on Urbanspoon

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