DISH, Restaurant & Lounge

16 Dec

DISH dubs itself as serving “modern comfort food”, but I would say that it’s “modern comfort food with a twist”. This trendy, chic, swanky restaurant is located on Cedar Springs Road at the bottom of the Illume.

During my visit to DISH I was enthralled with the decor, service, and the soft colored fluorescent lighting that illuminated against the white walls (this description doesn’t give it justice lol). There was not an empty seat at the bar and it seemed to be well stocked with some of the best wine, liquor, and beer. The night I had dinner at Dish, I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered a few small plates. My first choice was the Carolina Pulled Pork Tacos which consisted of Luna’s tortillas, mixed melon slaw, point reyes blue cheese (I didn’t get the blue cheese). The tacos were good but the pork or either the sauce, was a little too salty for me.

ImageThe next plate was a side of Corn Cobblets, served in a black skillet and seasoned with Old Bay & butter. They were basically mini corn on the cobs that were delicious. I would definitely order these again.

ImageMy time at DISH was exciting but I was not all that impressed with the food. Maybe I will return and order a few other items from the menu.

Price Range: $$
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Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant

12 Dec

In the heart of downtown Dallas, I’ve discovered a nice little inexpensive sushi spot by the name of Zenna. They have another location in North Dallas but I enjoy this one the most; it’s located right next to the Dallas World Aquarium and they specialize in Thai food. They have an extensive menu that includes cold tapas, hot tapas, soups, fried rice, curry, noodles & pasta, and sushi.

Whenever I go I always start out with the crispy spring rolls, mixed vegetable and glass noodle served with sweet & sour sauce. And to enhance this dish, I always ask the waiter for a bottle of Siracha sauce to add a hint of spiciness.

ImageI guess you can say that I’m a creature of habit when I come to Zenna, because I always order the same sushi roll. The shrimp temupura roll with tempura shrimp, avocado, & cucumber so far is my favorite. But there are so many other rolls that sound delicious, therefore, I will have to try those soon.

ImageZenna serves excellent quality food at a very reasonable price and I think that’s why I keep going back. This is a place that you must try!!!!

Price Range: $
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SMOKE: A twist on the old bbq joint

11 Dec

SMOKE DallasThe night started off with drinks on the patio of Belmont Hotel, then we decided to go next door to SMOKE Restaurant for dinner. This clean-cut, rustic, white table cloth, high end casual BBQ restaurant was packed with fashionable young professionals and dressed up businessmen. It specializes in serving homegrown food from local purveyors. The hostess told us that there would be a 45 minute wait, however, we only had to wait about 30 minutes, but I must say that the wait was well worth it.

We sat in an intimate booth tucked in the corner next to a large party of loud patrons lol! After ordering drinks we decided to get an appetizer; Cabrito & Masa, cajeta, green apple salsa verde & goat cream, (there was some kind of fried patty, on the bottom, but I couldn’t figure out what was in it lol). This unique dish surpassed my expectations and was quit delish.


For my entree I got The Big Rib, a big meaty smoked beef rib bone with hominy casserole & fresh herb chimichurri. All I could say was “wow”, I couldn’t get over how big the rib bone was. Once that wore off I actually began to enjoy the succulent taste of the fall off the bone rib. To me the hominy was simply just thick cheese grits topped with herbs, which I did enjoy as well.


Neither one of us had room for dessert and we could barely walk to the car, but this feeling of gluttony was certainly worth every minute. I can’t wait to return to, SMOKE, this reinvented form of the BBQ shack!

Price Range: $$

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Brunch at Del Frisco’s Grille

9 Dec

I love brunch and apparently so do other Dallasites!!! One of the first brunch spots that I visited was Del Frisco’s Grille in Uptown on McKinney Avenue. This is a happening area filled with restaurants and bars, not to mention I live near it. On this warm sunny morning I strolled into this packed trendy restaurant with one thing on my mind, and that was “great food and possibly a mimosa”!

ImageAfter sitting down and catching up with a new friend, we decided to look at the menu. Immediately my eyes went to the Banana & Marscapone-Stuffed French Toast served with warm banana rum sauce, and thick cut hickory smoked bacon. The presentation was amazing and the taste was even better, however I got full quickly because it was a lot of bread.

I paid about $13.00 for this item, including a drink (not a mimosa lol)! I love the ambiance of this restaurant but I feel that this might be a better spot for dinner and I also feel that the brunch at Del Frisco’s Grille might have even better competition in this city. We’ll just have to see!!!

Price Range: $$

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A taste of Texas BBQ Ribs and Soul FOod

8 Dec

It was my first Labor Day living in Dallas, Texas and I had no where to get BBQ Ribs. I’m so used to having this staple every Labor Day……luckily one of my friends took me to a local soul food hotspot that had ribs plus other delicious options. The place was Sweet Georgia Brown and apparently this is a well known BBQ spot throughout Dallas.

I was told that the line normally extends outside of the front door and around the building, at this south Dallas establishment. I find that to be amazing! However on the day I went, the line remained inside and the wait was only about 15 min. Once you get to the front of the line you can see the buffet and food options for the day (the menu varies). I decided to get BBQ Ribs, turnip greens, candied yams, and cornbread muffins; the portions were large. I also got a slice of Italian Creme Cake and a drink, my grand total was about $15.00; I guess that’s reasonable.

ImageAll of my food was delicious and the ribs were big, succulent, and seasoned well, just what I wanted. I literally had enough food leftover for two more days (I’m a nibbler). Furthermore, I will definitely be making another trip to Sweet Georgia Brown.

Price Range: $$
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16 Aug

We had just finished a wine tasting and a friend says “let’s go get baklava next door”, so I said “ugh…..ok”. I didn’t know what I was in for, but it was so worth it!

Baboush is a quaint Lebanese restaurant, market, & bar located in West Village; it seems to be a neighborhood hot spot. The decor is eclectic and what I would call, funky Moroccan/Mediterranean chic. The centerpiece of the bar was a large glass container filled with strawberry & pineapple infused vodka (with actual pieces of colorful fruit).

We sat at the bar and ordered the baklava, which was very good. I’m used to my baklava having a flaky crust, but this one didn’t, it was kind of soft. Furthermore, it was sweet & lightweight in my mouth. I would definitely order it again.


The baklava was $7, the atmosphere was nice, and the customer service was exceptional so I will definitely be going back.

Price: $$
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Fish and Chips!

6 Aug

Meddlesome Moth reminded me of a modern English pub, except it seems to be a gastropub instead. It’s located in the heart of the Design District and offers an endless array of beers (many locally brewed), wines, mules, & food of course.

On the Saturday afternoon that I visited, I ordered the Fish and Chips which consists of beer battered Atlantic White Fish, homemade fries, and English pea mash.


My lunch buddy asked how would I rate this menu item compared to the Fish and Chips that I’ve had in London, England (home of fish & chips) on a scale of 1 to 10. So I thought about it and I gave it a rating of 7.5, I could almost taste the beer in the fish batter and it was a good taste.

Customer service was exceptional and the prices were very reasonable.

Price: $$

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